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Z-Laser New Generation Laser Projector: Improved LP-HFD2 Featured

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New LP Generation: LP-HFD2 with many new features.

The LP-HFD2 is the successor of our reliable laser projector LP-HFD. In addition to the new housing, stated IP65,the development has been focused on temperature stability in particular.
Fiber-coupled lasers (with red and/or green laser source) are applied with output power of 7 mW. When requested, output power up to 28 mW is possible. The range of standard optic focus is 0.5 m to 7.0 m.With a tele-optic, working distances up to 14 m can be realized. For higher ambient temperatures there are several cooling options available such as extended air hose or water cooling system.
Typical data connection is Ethernet, more communication options via PROFINET or serial connection are also possible.

key features new LP-HFD2


 Improved LP-HFD2
 New housing
 Improved IP rate and electrical protection
 New Laser Projector: Improved LP-HFD2
 Retrofit cooling options:extended tube and water cooling option
 Multi reference sensors
 Z-Fibre (ZFSM):
 Advantage of Z-Fibre
 Tele-optics

 Housing
 New designed Z-LASER aluminium housing
 Less weight: 7,3 kg (LP-HFD: 12 kg)
 Smaller housing :500 x 170 x 140 (180 with fan) in mm (2/3 of LP-HFD)

 IP-Rate
 IP65 rated
 protection against dust and splash water

 Electrical Protection
 protection class 3
 anti-static discharge prevention

 Improved thermal management

LP HFD2 Improved thermal management Better heat transportation (emission) out of the device due to rearrangement of heat producing components
 Heat input is 10 Watt less due to external power supply
 Less heat generation due to DC/DC converter with higher efficiency (95% less)
 Temperature warning in LPM is now 45°C (before: 40°C).shutdown of the laser source at 50° C

 Multiple Ref-Sensors (Improved DCP-Search)

 2 on board as standard – second can be activated by dip-switch
 Up to 6 possible (optional)
 Service & Maintenance:
 Simplified wiring
 Reduced Cabling Effort

Advantage of Z-Fibre (ZFSM)

LP HFD2 Improved pointing stability

1) Improved pointing stability (less boresight error & thermal drift):
 ZM18 ≃ 15µrad/K  10°C…40°C  30x15µrad  450µrad  0,45mm @1m
 2,25mm @ 5m!
 ZFSM ≃ 3µrad/K
 0,45mm @ 5m!
 better accuracy within the specified temp. range
2) Improved concentricity (coaxiality):
 ZM18 ≃ +/-10mrad; dF[1…5m] ≃ 1mrad
 ZFSM ≃ 3mrad; dF[1…5m] ≃ 0,3mrad
  better accuracy within the specified temp. range

3) Round Spot: (Advantage for DCP search)
 Reduced line thickness because of less ellipticity in one axis
 Better Laser power distribution from the center to the edges
4) Laser power output noise less than 5% within the specified temperature range (e.g. AZURE 20%)
5) Advanced Reliability. Extremely low failure rate is expected.(important especially for the green laser source)
6) Focusable up to 7m, exchangeable red vs green
7) Better life expectancy (Red > 10.000h; Green > 8.000h; MTTF)
8) Less mechanical drift  better accuracy within the specified temperature range.Assembly is exchangeable 1:1 with the latest known Laser Sources.(ZM18,ZC or Azure GLxx-T)

Multicolor LP-HFD2

 Multicolor projection (optional)

LP HFD2 Multicolor projection 2 ZFSM (green + red) with fibre-combiner
 Simultaneously projection of red, green and yellow if both are on.
 Different groups can be projected in different colors:
 Pen 1 = red
 Pen 2 = green
 Pen 4 = yellow
 No offset is visible for yellow due to fibre combiner and same optical path
 In principle also RGB is possible

LP HFD2 Simultaneously projection

Special version: Tele Optics

• Wide range focal adjustment

 New far-range optics
 Galvo Set with mirrors for 5mm aperture in combination with fibre:1mm spot in 12m distance is possible

New LP-HFD2: cooling options

LP HFD2 cooling tube

 1. retrofit options: extended tube
 Article: 101038900 SZ LP-HFD2/ZLP:Air hose with 10m length
 Article: 101061400 SZ LP-HFD2:Air hose with additional diagonal fan with filter at the end of 10m tube

LP HFD2 cooling Air hose with additional diagonal fan 2. retrofit options: Adaptive water longer a special LP model with massive block


 101026700 SZ LP-HFD2/ZLP Adaptive water cooling adapter – one for each projector in combination with SK Mini re-cooling system with 100679800 from Rittal (in addition)

Laser source: Fiber-coupled red or green laser diode

Wavelength 520 nm 638 nm 520 nm 638 nm
Output power 7 mW 14 mW 7 mW 28 mW
Laser class (on EN 60825)  2M 3R 2M  3R
Special features of the model  Standard  High Precision  Tele-optic
Fan angle 80° x 80°  60°x 60°  60° x 60°
Accuracy(depends on projection distance)  0.25 mm/m  0.1 mm/m  0.2 mm/m
Focus range  0.5 m up to 7 m (standard focus)  Up to 14 m

Frequency of projection: Max. 50 Hz (depends on the projection)
Weight: 7.3 kg (plus ca. 1.4 kg for separate power supply)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 500 x 200 x 141 mm (181 mm incl. fan);19.685 x 7.874 x 5.551 in (7.126 incl fan)
IP protection class: IP65

Software: LPM
Graphic fles without LPM: HPGL / HPGL 3D
Remote control: Optional
Operating voltage: 24 VDC ±5%
Protection class electrical: 3 (protective low voltage)
Electrical isolation: Potential-free housing, connection to GND through 500 kΩ
Interfaces: 1. Ethernet TP, 100 Base TX Cat5/Cat6,2. RS-232 IV24 (max. cable length 15 m) 3. Prof Net external optional, other feldbus systems on request
Power consumption (typical): 50 W (max. 100 W)
Operating condition: +5 °C up to +45 °C (with passive cooling)  +5 °C up to +50 °C (with cooling air hose)  +5 °C up to +60 °C (with adaptive water cooling)
Storage temperature: -5° C up to +60 °C
Humidity (max.): 80% relative, non-condensing

Working range in relationship to the mounting height(mm) Optical angle 76° (mm) Optical angle 60° mm)
1 1.562 1.155
2 3.125  2.309
3 4.687  3.464
4 6.250  4.619
5 7.812  5.774
6 9.375  6.928
7 10.938  8.083
8  12.500  9.238
9 14.063  10.39
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